Thank you for your interest in our business. We think it’s important to understand the driving force behind our business and our mission.

At H.B.G Records, music, art, fashion is in our blood and we want to express it in this generation and beyond.



We envision ourself as a vessel for the music, fashion, and art being told. Our hope is to make a difference in this world through music, and commitment to inspiring a generation, to express themselves through music, fashion, and art.



Our mission is to influence future generations by using our talents as a service to inspire and motivate others delivering a sustainable and creative music performance with the audience to express ourselves fully through our own unique look and personalities.

Equal Opportunities is at the forefront of our company, we understand the differences and diversity of people; like ourselves who have found it challenging in life & not had that opportunity to real break or shot at something for a long term career, whether it be in the corporate industry, IT, media or banking we can relate. Gender, religion, ethnicity even someone’s past can be and probably has been judged by people. Here it’s all left at the door and does not concern us, the opportunity is there if you are willing to walk through and cease it.

The music industry has similar challenges especially being a very male dominated industry, we offer the opportunity to support & showcase aspiring females, groups and DJ’s to do what they love. We dare you to try!

#HBGRecords It is as simple as that!